"Just In Case" Peeing: Does It Contribute To Overactive Bladder?


Does this sound like you?


You're about to leave the house to go to the store and you tell yourself, "I'm gonna pee just in case." 


Or you're at a concert and before you go to your seat, you think, "I should pee just in case." 


While you may think it's a smart idea (and likely because your mom told you to always pee before leaving the house!), peeing just in case may not be serving you in the long run.


Here's the deal:


In order for your bladder to learn to hold pee, you have to give it an opportunity to hold your pee!


If you're peeing "just in case" all the time, you're basically training your bladder to NOT hold, and rather training it to empty before it's actually full!


Waiting until you feel a proper urge to pee is the best time to pee, not when it's convenient for you. 😬


Now, that being said, this is not set in stone. 


Peeing just in case from time to time, like before getting on a long flight, or before a movie is OK, as long as it's not a habit. 


But peeing just in case All. The. Time. Every. Day. is not serving you in the long run. 


It's likely creating pelvic floor tension and training your bladder to not hold in pee!


So if you're one of those people who's peeing just in case all the time, start to retrain yourself. 


See if you can wait a little longer in between your just in case pee breaks to start to re-train your bladder to hold in your pee. 


Fun Fact: Your bladder should be able to hold your pee for 2-3 hours. 


Take home message: Wait until you feel an urge to pee before peeing. 


(And if you're feeling an urge to pee more often than every 2 hours, you could be eating or drinking something that's irritating your bladder, or it could be that you've unconsciously trained it to not hold from peeing just in case all the time!) 


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All my love,

Dr. Nikki