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The rhythm of life pulses along as one task after another gets accomplished. The boxes get ticked, the to-do lists rewritten, and a reputation for being smart, capable, and dependable deepens. There's really no reason to complain, but there is a softly beating wonder... why, with so much getting accomplished, isn't there more happiness? When, without a single reason to complain, did everything get so draining and absent of fun?


That grocery list needs to be finished, your brain goes, “Pasta sauce. Pasta sauce. Pasta sauce. Don’t forget to tell her to get pasta sauce.” And once you finish that last email, you can shut it down for the day. Oh, except you promised you’d call about that thing with the car. “Ugh! The freaking car!” You’d totally forgotten. Another day of taking care of every little thing. Well… maybe after you get through items x, y, and z, there will be time for you?


Over the years so many things changed; your home, your family dynamic, the amounts in the bank, the belief that gravity would never effect you, to… uh… well, no need to dwell on it! Good things happened, hard times hit, lessons learned. And through it all, a quiet, secret hope that one day freedom would come. Confident, carefree, smiling, somehow everyday would be an effortlessly great hair day…  uh, is there an on switch to this thing?


Changing your life so it feels better to you, can be hard, but it shouldn't have to be. Women deserve safe spaces to heal, grow, get fired up, and connect with each other.


Imagine getting all of that without the struggle of figuring it out on your own. In just six weeks, you can:


In the first week of The Cohen Code, deep awareness exercises uncover hidden desires — and what’s holding you back from achieving those desires — in every area of your life; love, money, home, health, family, relationships, spirituality, and work. Then a week of full mind-body-heart-soul activation assignments that stir up the ferocious, feminine, expansive parts of you that have been at rest.


Focusing in on the critical nature of connection — both to others, natures, your cycles, and yourself — week two exposes where kinship is missing in your life, where, if anywhere, it’s thriving, and brings you through the body to rediscover the confidence and inner-security to openly and authentically connect in your world. Followed by a week of engaging activation assignments where you reignite the joy of connection, both to yourself and others.


By week three you’ve awakened your desires and begun creating deeper connections within and outside of yourself. With the power of those elements fueling you, it’s time to start the process of returning to soundness in your body. Through the communal, physical, and emotional, this week brings a release of old burdens and a lightening of heavy loads. Through actively engaging in all four access points to healing, this is truly an experience of restoration.


In week four, old wounds have been released and opened up vital space within you for true power to come through, so you can take action of the desires you awakened in week one. By exploring where you’re expanding your power and in contrast, where you’re giving your power away — whether that’s to other people, old limiting beliefs, or fears about the future — and then making conscious choices about where you want your power to go, you can take back the reigns of life and rebuild a whole and loving trust with yourself and the world you inhabit.


Week five looks back at the unfolding of your life up to the point and gets you comfortable with the uncomfortable when it comes to growing pains. With a holistic approach that finds wisdom through the body, you’re guided to face resistance with grace, explore discomfort with wonder instead of fear, and expand yourself through a week of feminine activation activities that show you a whole new part of yourself — more carefree, joyful, and self-loving.


To close this beautiful experience and carry you through the rest of your season, week six focuses on your most powerful resource: love. With a deep exploration of the many meanings and expressions of love — from how the love you’ve experienced throughout your life has shifted and changed, to the stories and beliefs your love history has brought you — in this final week you choose what to carry forward and what to leave behind, so your joy, confidence, and quality of life continues to expand for many moons to come.

Connecting with other women is a really big deal.

Connecting with other women is a really big deal...


Women are likely to become 42% less happy as they age. And being part of a safe and welcoming community is proven to be one of the strongest choices a woman can make to break the cycle of loneliness, renounce limiting expectations, and expand her joy.*

*Sources: The United States General Social Survey, The Wharton School University of Pennsylvania, and The University of California Berkeley.



It's common for women to be taught to compete, compare, fear, and mistrust each other (while still engaging in loads of gossip and the occasional playful pillow fight). But not being connected with other women can lead to lonely days, low self-esteem, higher stress, and a serious decrease in quality of life. When women come together in safe spaces in support of each other, every woman rises.


It'd be unrealistic to expect to get along with every woman in the world, just because she's a woman. This is why The Cohen Code is intentionally designed to bring like-minded women, together. You don't have to be a social butterfly to be welcomed here. If you'd love an uplifting and healing experience, rooted in science and sprinkled with woo, this may just be the thing for you.

Photo of Woman Smiling

Feeling joyful and empowered isn't just fancy self-development talk, it's important.


When’s the last time you did something that was just for you, without considering a single other living being? Or, how about the last time you got so relaxed, you literally stopped thinking and just enjoyed the moment? When was the last time you didn’t worry about your appearance, spend a few too many precious minutes stressing over what people would think of you, or see a photo of yourself and not scan it for flaws?

Imagine how it might feel to release some of your oldest worries. To find out with what really brings you joy and free up all that old stress energy for things you actually want to do, like making new friends, building a business, start a new chapter in life, or simply going on an adventure.


It’s proven that physical symptoms can be a direct result of emotional hardship.


Anxiety, insomnia, physical pain, constipation, headaches, migraines, low libido, and even irritable bowel syndrome (this list could go on and on) can all be linked to emotional and mental stress. This sort of stress may feel like worry, overwhelm, regret, shame, self-judgment, dissatisfaction, emptiness... essentially things that make life less joyful. Bringing physical, mental, and emotional modes of expression together, can go a long way toward lightening your stress load on every level.

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There's a magic to your womanhood that only you can know — and that only you can unlock.

The Cohen Code is perfect for you, if:

○ The idea of a soul-inspired Summer Camp for adults, but from the comfort of home, sounds amazing to you.

○ You've got old aches and pains in your body that have been holding you back, and haven't healed no matter what you try.

○ For the sake of a more joyful life, you're willing to explore a bit of woo, such as keeping a journal, energetic healing, and howling at the moon.

○ You've been feeling disconnected, lonely, or just not as fired up and happy as you want to be, and you really want to do something about it.

○ You know the overwhelm, stress, and guilt you carry into everyday, is wearing you down and limiting the joy of your relationships, and you're determined to take back your power because deep down you know it's not too late!

Meet your guide, Dr. Nikki — she's on the right!

○ Experience helping thousands of women of heal (including the happy lady in the photo), as a Doctor of Physical Therapy and energy worker.

○ Passionate women's health advocate and creator of affordable online health programs for women.

○ Lover of a good meal, combining quality friend time with quality time in nature, and most importantly, not wearing a bra when she doesn't want to (which is most of the time).

○ Namesake of The Cohen Code (Cohen is Dr. Nikki's last name) because her twenty years of working with women and seeing firsthand the impact self-discovery, healing, connection and self-love can have, is why this special experience is here today.

Photo of Woman Smiling

”Dr. Nikki’s work is like no other I’ve ever experienced. I could feel myself shifting ever so gently under her subtle but somehow profound guidance. I could sense releases in my tissues and muscles. Meanwhile I was floating on a cloud. Fully amazing.”


”Dr. Nikki’s gentle techniques and mind body awareness discussions really helped me see the bigger picture. I’ve also re-discovered my love for dance and I couldn’t be happier!”


“Dr. Nikki is patient and great at listening to you and your body. Her knowledge Is incredible and I love listening to her talk about the inter-connectedness of everything. She really is a magic worker!"


“Dr. Nikki’s touch is life changing. She is a kind and warm person with a gentle touch. She is a true expert at what she does.”


“For years I suffered and all the doctors thought I was crazy! Until Dr. Nikki. Her gentle techniques and mind body awareness discussions really helped me see the bigger picture! Now things are so much better than what I was experiencing before, and I couldn’t be happier!”


"Dr. Nikki's expertise on women’s health paired with her cheerful demeanor is exactly what you need when you’re struggling. I wholeheartedly recommend her to all my friends in need of some extra tender loving care.”

That end of the day, taking your bra off feeling...

Light That Fire

If you're feeling all tingly and curious about being part of the The Cohen Code experience, your next step is to learn more about the program, get your questions answered, and save your spot in the Fall 2021 group!

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This is the best part: discover the code to unlocking your joy, and experience The Cohen Code!


Go forward in your life braver, fiercer, and with the sort of confidence that will have you wishing you’d done this years ago.

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Your experience in The Cohen Code includes:


○ Opening Ceremony

○ Six, Live Video Zoom Sessions

○ Journaling Prompts

○ Activation Assignments

○ Group Activities

○ Closing Ceremony

○ Secret Surprise!


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In fact, we're so sure you’ll love having access to this vital bladder healing information, that you're backed by our Happiness Guarantee. If you don’t love it, simply let us know within 14 days of purchase we’re happy to give you 100% of your money back.


You won’t have to worry about that, of course, because we’re confident you’ll love your results, but we know it can be scary to try something new. With strangers! On the internet! Who you haven’t met yet!

So let's fix that right now...

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Real results,
from a source you can trust.


You're about to join the thousands of women who've worked with Dr. Nikki to heal chronic pain and improve their quality of life through increased health and wellness. From digestion, to pregnancy, trauma, and bladder issues, you can start getting results like so many of Dr. Nikki's patients and students have already experienced, such as pain-free intimacy, pelvic comfort, relief from digestive disorder, and an optimally functioning bladder.


Why This Experience Works

The Cohen Code was developed after decades of healing work with thousands of incredible women. Everything you learn during the experience is backed by research and experience. By combining awakening, healing, and expansive activities for your mind, body, heart, and spirit, you can learn new things about yourself, have ah-ha moments, and ultimately increase your quality of life through awareness, action, and an increase of self-worth.

Who This Experience Is Right For

If you’re a woman who wants a safe space to connect with other like-minded women, to have a lot of fun while doing serious personal-growth work, and you’re open to lessons backed by science, sprinkled with feminism and woo, The Cohen Code just may be the best decision you make all year. However, if you’re looking for one-on-one health care, or are not yet ready to care to yourself and other women, this is not for you and we recommend you not apply.

What You Can Expect

You can expect an active, live, virtual Zoom session with Dr. Nikki and your group each week, followed by activation assignments that you do on your own in-between live sessions. On a deeper level, you can expect to be welcomed warmly, treated with love and dignity, and have a really fun experience that can continue to bring joy and connection into your life for years to come.

Where The Experience Takes Place

The Cohen Code experience is entirely virtual. Group sessions and activities take place in private Zoom meeting rooms. Solo activation assignments take place wherever you decide to do them. To increase the impact of the experience, there are no replays of live sessions and no online community area, like a private Facebook group. In fact, the experience is completely social media free. So it’s important you’re ready to commit to give yourself this time of joy and healing.

What If It Doesn't Work?

There are no refunds for this product, so please be sure you're ready for this commitment before purchase. Know that one of the best things about your experience in The Cohen Code is that it will be completely unique to you, because it will be what you make it through your attention, effort, and openness to the experience.

Why Do I Need To Setup a Phone Call to Join?

Being able to chat on the phone with each woman who becomes part of The Cohen Code experience, is a wonderful way to connect, get to know each other, and do all we can to ensure The Cohen Code is a wonderful experience for you, by learning exactly what you’d like from your time in The Cohen Code.

How Much Time Do You Need to Commit

It’s best to set aside 90 minutes for the weekly live group session and about 15-30 minutes on other days of the week to do your activation assignments. Aside from that, how much or how little time you spend on solo activation activities is completely up to you! We encourage you to do what feels best and bring any more specific questions directly to Dr. Nikki during group sessions.

When Your Question Isn't Answered Here

Send an email to [email protected] with questions about the program and you can expect to receive a personal response back within 72 hours. We woman the desk from 8am to 4pm Pacific, Monday through Friday and we love hearing from you!

Let's empower each other.


After all, healing your bladder doesn’t have to be hard, it just has to happen.


And turns out? Dr. Nikki knows exactly what to do and she shares every piece of the bladder puzzle with you in this quick and easy program.

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