Type A Personality and Bladder Leakage


Being "Type A" has so many wonderful qualities... You're on time, detail oriented, have things organized, you stay on top of things, you manage your life and family well... all of which are amazing traits to have in this crazy world.


Although these ways of being serve you very well in some cases, they could be contributing to some physical issues you're experiencing. 


It can be difficult to relax.

You can get stressed out easily.

You can have more muscle tension.

You likely clench your teeth.

You may have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep.


And all of these things can cause headaches, muscle tension, constipation, bladder frequency/urgency and bladder leakage.




The stress of being "on" all the time can create muscle tightness! 


When you worry about something, your body responds in a "fight or flight" reaction, which causes muscle tightness, and having tight muscles all the time is not a good thing for your body.


Your body needs "down time"... time to rest, relax, let go, lengthen. 


When your muscles don't have a regular opportunity to rest, relax, let go and lengthen, your muscles can't work properly.


Tight muscles do NOT equal strong muscles. In fact, the opposite is true!


When your muscles are relaxed, they have a full opportunity to contract to their highest potential. And when they not relaxed, it takes some of their potential away. 


Think about it... If you held your hand in a fist all day, your hand muscles would get tired and tight, making it more difficult to use your hand to write something down, or find your keys in your purse. 


Muscles are supposed to tighten for a REASON. That's what muscles are for! So being tight for no actual purpose prevents them from working for you when you want them to work for you! 


So, Miss Type A, it's very likely that your constipation, headaches and bladder issues could be related to your tightness in your abdominal, gluts, thighs and pelvic floor muscles! 


So, what can you do?




Yup... check in on an hourly basis and relax all your muscles from head to toe, then count to 10.


You're likely not going to change your personality, so instead, your can pay attention to the way your body responds to your personality and make the changes there. (Trust me, it's WAY easier! 😁)