A New Perspective on Healing: Using Your Senses to Understand Your Body

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Dr. Nikki Cohen A New Perspective on Healing San Diego

A New Perspective on Healing: Using Your Senses to Understand Your Body

The human perception of reality is intrinsically bound to your senses. But how do you truly know something is real? Or that it even exists? You rely heavily on sight, affirming the adage, "I'll believe it when I see it." Yet, this sensory dependency may only partially encapsulate the complexity of your existence, especially when considering your health.

Seeing Beyond Sight

In healthcare, practitioners frequently lean on advanced tools like ultrasounds, MRI, and CT Scans to peer into the human body. While these instruments offer immense insight, do they provide a complete understanding? The question becomes, can something unseen still hold significance?

The answer is unequivocally yes.

The Power of All Senses in Healing

Imagine harnessing all your senses to decipher what's happening within your body. Could you utilize your inherent sensory abilities for self-healing? This concept is more plausible than you think.

I utilize a multi-sensory approach when evaluating my clients as a professional therapist.

  • Listening: I carefully note the words they choose to describe their ailments.
  • Touching: I palpate their body to identify areas of heat, density, or vibration.
  • Seeing: I visually assess for signs of congestion and holding patterns.

While the senses of smell and taste have yet to find their place in my practice, the future may hold surprises!

Self-Healing Through Sensory Awareness

If I, as a therapist, can use this technique, so can you. The trick is to foster a receptive environment that allows all sensations to come to you.

Achieving a state of neutrality or "nothingness" is crucial. It opens up a space for any information to become known, much like the essence of meditation. The moment judgment creeps in, you lose this neutrality, blocking your ability to interpret your body's signals.

Remember, you have immense power within you. By opening up to your body's communication, you're taking the first steps toward a more profound level of health and well-being.

Putting It into Practice

Now, try it. Close your eyes and declare, "I am a space of nothingness, and I open myself to my body's communication." Pay attention to any areas that seem to "light up," whether it's a physical sensation or a visual cue in your mind.

Approach this experience with a loving willingness to receive any "messages" or sensations. Avoid overthinking; just let it happen naturally.

Regularly practicing this sensory meditation will foster a deeper connection with your body. This nurturing relationship is a safe space for your body to express its needs.

The symbiosis between you and your body can improve health and overall well-being; it's a relationship for your highest good.

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