Understanding the "Why Now?" in Emotional and Physical Healing

Dr. Nikki Cohen Understanding the

Understanding the "Why Now?" in Emotional and Physical Healing

If you've ever wondered about the intricacies of emotional healing therapies or natural healing methods, this blog is just for you. Let's dive into a topic that's been on my mind for a while and is often a common question posed by many individuals I encounter.

The Universal Question: "Why Now?"

Isn't it intriguing that you often find yourself at a crossroads asking, "Why now?" or "Why is this happening to me?" It’s an age-old question, and while I might not have all the answers, I've observed some interesting patterns over the past decade of working closely with individuals on their healing journeys.

The Body's Hidden Messages

Imagine this: There's a vital piece of information meant for you now, something you weren't ready to grasp. Perhaps it’s an intuitive nudge you've felt but hesitated to act upon – like wanting a change in career or contemplating an end to a relationship. Or maybe it's a revelation. You are now ready to confront it.

Your body, dear reader, is a marvel of nature. It knows precisely when you're overwhelmed and stuck in "survival mode," it subtly keeps pressing matters in the backdrop, waiting for the perfect time to bring them into focus. And sometimes, this hidden turmoil manifests in physical discomfort or dysfunction.

Have you ever had an issue that seemed to pop up "out of nowhere"? More often than not, these issues have been simmering beneath the surface, quietly influencing the course of your life.

A Real-Life Glimpse

Here's a story that might resonate:

I once had the privilege to assist a woman who, for years, experienced pain during intimacy. The more committed her relationships became, the more intense the pain manifested. Through our sessions, a profound realization emerged. Deep down, she equated intimacy with losing her independence, viewing it more as an act of submission than empowerment, a sentiment many women can relate to.

She recognized where her hesitance toward intimacy originated from.

 She believed it benefited her partner more than herself.

This emotional resistance triggered physical reactions, from muscle spasms in her pelvic region to neural tension spanning her neck and pelvis.

Physical Reflections of Our Deepest Beliefs

It's fascinating and, at times, unsettling to understand that our most profound beliefs can cast shadows on our physical well-being. Confronting these underlying fears and beliefs takes immense courage.

However, finding clarity in these matters can be your key to addressing chronic issues, both emotional and physical. Turning to therapies such as Craniosacral Therapy or Visceral Manipulation can be instrumental in unlocking the wellness you so deserve.

Embark on your healing journey. Surround yourself with suitable modalities and give yourself the grace and space to discover what lies behind your body's messages.

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