Bladder Problems and Constipation

Constipation is one of the most common issues in America. 


Being constipated makes you feel full, bloated, generally uncomfortable and likely pretty annoyed.


And did you know that constipation can have a much greater impact on your body than just not being able to poop?! 


Not pooping for 3 days can increase the pressure in your belly up to 20x the normal pressure! 🤯 


When the pressure in your body goes up that much, it directly impacts ALL your organs including your stomach, bladder and uterus (if you have one), even your spine and all the way up to your head!


This could mean that you feel heaviness in your pelvis.

This could mean that you have to pee more often.

This could mean that you leak more pee.

This could mean that your back hurts. 

This could mean that you feel nauseous. 

This could mean you have a headache. 


There are 1,001 remedies out there for constipation - drink more water, move your body, eat fiber... and yes, all of these are essential elements to having a healthy digestive system. 


And if you've tried all of these things, consider for a moment that your constipation could also have an emotional component.


Your body was meant to flow... to eat, digest and release.


When things aren't flowing inside of you, things are likely not flowing outside of you. 


Where are you feeling stuck in life? 


Your job?

Your relationship?

Your health?


Whenever there is something that is being withheld - a communication, a request, an action to be taken - your body could respond by withholding poop. 😳


This doesn't mean you should stop eating fiber or drinking water or moving your body. But it's an opportunity for you to possibly connect something else to the constipation. 


As a human being, you're more than just a physical body. You're a beautiful blend of mind and body. 


Many times a physical issue like constipation could be as simple as taking a daily 20-minute walk or substituting your chips for an apple. 


And many times, once you have the conversation you don't want to have, or address something you haven't wanted to address, your body will naturally start to release as well. 


If you're constipated and have absolutely no idea what emotional component could be contributing to the constipation, that's OK!


Simply put your hand on your belly, close your eyes, and ask. 


"What am I not seeing, hearing, doing for you, body?" 


And wait. 


Don't look for answers. 


Simply BE with your body, feel your hand on your belly, and be open to receiving anything and everything that comes to you. 


And nothing may come. 


And that's OK.


The act of intending to hear what your body has to say opens up the channels of communication between your mind and your body and creates a sense of validation and comfort, which naturally has the body work better.  


Your body, just like you, wants to be seen, heard and validated. 


And just like you, your body deserves it.


And of course, if you need further support in resolving constipation, please reach out!