Embracing The Fall Season

Happy Fall! 🍂


The season of Fall is well upon you, and you know what that means...?


Time to change...!


While the summer heat dissipates, Fall brings a coolness to the air with an energy of slowing down. 


Yes, that's right. It's time to downshift.


Fall represents a time to begin to let go. 


As the leaves start to dry out and fall to the ground, look at yourself and your life and ask yourself,


"What am I ready to let dry out and fall away?"  


The answer may come immediately and it may take a few weeks. Either way, you're getting the "conversation" started. 


Letting things go is not bad!


In fact, it's a healthy process to be embraced and honored as an integral part of nature and life itself.


Where do you need to apologize? 

What is working/not working for you? 

What are you ready to release?


Let go of what no longer serves you, and embrace the season of change! 


It's a healthy, natural cycle of life, and you are a cyclical being.


This can often be confronting, and that's OK!


You are powerful and courageous; you know when to let go with grace, ease and love. 


Many times, holding on to something that doesn't serve you (whether you're intentionally holding or not), impacts the way your body functions. 


You may notice difficulty sleeping, poor digestion, increased trips to the bathroom, or more headaches than usual. 


This can all be due to the resistance of letting go. 


Take advantage of the energy in the air for the next few weeks and take stock of your life. 


Let go of what you no longer need, and lay it to rest to make room for the emergence of something new.


What is that something new/different you want to bring in?  


Start daydreaming about it now so you can receive it with open arms...