Celebrate the Feminine: Make Friday the 13th YOUR Day

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Celebrate the Feminine: Make Friday the 13th YOUR Day


You've most likely heard the tales of superstition and fear that come with Friday the 13th. But did you know that this spooky day was once a celebration of Matriarch/Goddess worship? That's right!


Let Dr. Nikki show you how to reclaim Frigga the 13th Day as YOUR day, so you can honor the power of the feminine and celebrate your divine womanhood.


In this article, we'll explore the history of Friday the 13th and its connection to Matriarch/Goddess worship. We'll also discuss why it's important to celebrate this day as a representation of feminine energy. Finally, we'll discuss ways to honor yourself and reclaim superstitions on this special day.

History of Friday the 13th


Friday the 13th has been a mysterious and superstitious day in many cultures for centuries. While it's hard to pinpoint its exact origin, some hypothesize that its roots trace back to ancient Norse mythology.


It is believed that the name of this day of the week — Friday — comes from either Frigga or Freya, both Norse goddesses. These goddesses were associated with marriage, motherhood, fertility, and other aspects of the divine feminine.


It is also believed that the number 13 has long been associated with female power. This is because there are 13 lunar cycles in a year, and since ancient times, menstrual cycles have been tied to the Moon's cycles.


The 13th day of each month was considered a special day, as it symbolized the power of fertility and the ability to create life. Thus, Friday the 13th can be seen as a celebration of Matriarch/Goddess worship, honoring all that is a woman.


Celebrating Feminine Energy on Friday the 13th


Now that we know the history of this special day let's talk about how to honor it. There are many ways to embrace and celebrate feminine energy on Friday the 13th.


Lunar cycle symbolism


The cycles of the Moon are a great representation of feminine power. On Friday the 13th, take a moment to honor and appreciate this natural, cyclical process closely tied to women's energy. You can do this by spending time outdoors under the Full Moon or simply taking a few moments to be mindful of the lunar cycle and its connection to your energy.


Menstrual cycle symbolism


Your menstrual cycle is also a powerful representation of female power and creativity. On Friday the 13th, take some time to honor and appreciate the power of your menstrual cycle. You can connect with your body through movement or meditation, nourishing yourself with healthy food and drink, or simply taking a few moments to connect with yourself.


Naming origin: Frigga or Freya


As mentioned earlier, it is believed that Friday was named in honor of either Frigga or Freya, both Norse goddesses associated with feminine power. On this day, take a moment to tap into the energy of these goddesses and find strength and courage within yourself.


Honoring Yourself on Friday the 13th


Friday the 13th can be much more than a day of superstition and fear. It is an opportunity to honor your emotions, respect your body and reclaim superstitions.


Emotional power


Your emotions have incredible power and on Friday the 13th, take some time to explore them. Notice how you're feeling and see what messages your emotions are trying to tell you. Ask yourself how you can honor and express these feelings in healthy ways.


Respect your body


Your body is a temple and deserves your utmost respect. On Friday the 13th, take time to nourish and care for it. This could mean taking a relaxing bath, walking outside, or doing an activity that brings you joy.


Reclaim superstitions


Finally, Friday the 13th is an opportunity to reclaim the superstitions around this day and make it your own. Spend time exploring what this day means and create new traditions that honor your unique beliefs and values.




Friday the 13th is a powerful day that can be used to honor the divine feminine, celebrate your connection to nature and embrace your emotional power. Use this day to reclaim superstitions, respect your body and create meaningful rituals that connect you to yourself and the world around you.


This Friday, the 13th, honor yourself and the divine feminine. Make this day your own and embrace the power of feminine energy! Celebrate with rituals connecting you to nature, your body, and emotions.




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