Giving Birth ~ An Injury?


One of the most common things women all over the world do is have children. 


It's a miraculous, beautiful experience becoming a mother... AND, the impact it has on your body is often under-acknowledged. 


Whether the baby comes through your vagina or through a C-section, let's face it:


Childbirth is like an injury. 


It's either like spraining your pelvis/vagina, or you've had a major surgery. 


But it's not treated with the tender, loving care you deserve as a woman, especially if you live in the U.S. 


Rather, you're simply told to "get on with your life" and "get back to the way you were" as soon as possible. 


But is that really possible?


Well, yes, it's possible, but it's definitely NOT the norm.


Most women struggle with getting back to "the way they were" and getting back to work within the allotted 6-8 weeks the government allows. 


It takes TIME to heal. 


Soft tissue (muscles, ligaments, tendons) take on average 4-6 weeks to heal from injury, and that's with adequate rest and treatment!


If you've had a baby, you know that you don't get the adequate rest and treatment you need to heal within that time span. 


In fact, you likely get NONE. 


How can you rest and recover when you're feeding 10x/day, have a ton of hormones swirling through your body and are likely shocked about the whole experience of giving birth and adjusting what it is to now be a mom??!!


Although I'm not a mom, I've worked with moms and postpartum women for over a decade, and I've seen you and I've heard you. 


And you deserve more. 


Your body changed so much during the 9-10 months of pregnancy and then went through a major "trauma" of childbirth, and what you need the most for the first few weeks is REST. 


Yes, literally doing nothing other than feeding your baby. 


This is the first lesson in Postpartum Essentials and is often the hardest lesson to learn.  


You're so used to doing it all and don't want to ask for help, but let me tell you right now Connie, asking for help and taking time to rest is arguably the best thing you can do for yourself after giving birth. 


You officially have "Doctor's Orders" to do nothing. Yes, nothing. 


What you need most is time to process the experience, bond with your baby and sleep. 


You deserve it, and I'm giving you permission. 


It's not the time to get back into shape or do the laundry. 


If you're pregnant, or know of someone who's pregnant, Postpartum Essentials is a fantastic investment. 


Invest in YOURSELF! You are worth it! 🥰