Healing Secret


When there's something you don't want in your life, the first thing you do is try to get rid of it. Whether it's a physical pain, constipation, or a situation that's frustrating, you immediately search on Google to find the right remedy. 


And sometimes your efforts work, and that thing goes away with what you do... and sometimes it doesn't. 


Why is that?


Well, it could be a lot of reasons, like what you're doing isn't the right answer to what you're attempting to resolve, OR, it could be that the "thing" isn't there to be resolved. 😳


I know, a little far fetched... but here's the deal:


Sometimes, you experience things that don't need to be "fixed". 


Sometimes, the thing that won't go away is a stepping stone or opportunity for you to see something you haven't yet seen, or learn something you haven't yet learned. 


The Universe certainly works in mysterious ways, and when something shows up in your life that is unwanted, it could be an opportunity for you to stop and look at it with new eyes. 


🤔  Maybe your chronic back pain is a manifestation of unspoken words between you and a loved one.

🤔  Maybe your digestive issues are a manifestation of your unhappiness in your job.

🤔  Or maybe your bladder problems are a manifestation of underlying anxiety and worry.


Those a just a few possibilities. 


Sometimes, the best thing you can do is sit back, relax, and connect to your unwanted issue. 


LISTEN to what comes to you. 


It may come in the form of a bodily sensation, thoughts, memories, or images that make no sense at all. 


All of it is perfect.


Simply BE with what you're experiencing and allow the lines of communication to open in ways that may not be logical. 


The body is quite intelligent, and your body may be trying to communicate something to you in a way that you don't yet understand.


When you allow it to "speak" and learn to "listen", miracles can happen. 💖