How Festering Emotions Can Lead To Dis-ease

Dr. Nikki Cohen Festering Emotions Lead To Disease

How Festering Emotions Can Lead To Disease

When you think of the word "fester", what comes to mind? 

-A rotten, moldy, smelly thing that's been neglected? 🤢

-Something that's ignored and left to sit in the corner?

-Something that's buried deep, unnoticed that continues to grow in the dark?


In the world of being human, many things can fester:

-Undigested food





In traditional Western medicine, more focus is put on the physical things that fester, like wounds and bacteria, as they can literally kill you if left untreated. 

But what about festering emotions and thoughts? 


Why Communication Is Vital To Well-Being

Most people aren't taught that festering thoughts and emotions can be just as toxic... and while they may not kill you, they can cause a lot of dis-ease and mental anguish. 

It’s all to easy to fall into old patterns of behavior from childhood, and one of these patterns may very well be not communicating your emotions, especially with "negative" emotions like anger, frustration, annoyance, and fear.

Practicing communication regularly often leads to good health as it prevents things from festering inside you!


Neural Patterns And Their Role In Health

Patterns are formed in your brain about EVERYTHING from how you walk, to how you chew, to how you speak, and how you act in situations and familial roles. 

Many times, these patterns are unconscious, meaning you don’t know they’re running the show. And what can make it even worse is that the patterns are often self-deprecating and can contribute to illness.

There is very likely a festering belief or thought pattern that is causing you some dis-ease in your life. 

Common festering emotions/thoughts are:

I'm not good enough

Nothing I do is right

I don't matter/don't matter as much as _________

I have no right to _________

While you may be aware of some of these recurring, festering beliefs, you may NOT be aware that they are running the show behind the physical illness/disease you're dealing with. 


Self-Awareness Is Key To Optimal Well-Being

I encourage you to take some time today to look at some of your underlying thoughts and emotions and "bring them to the table". 

Really look at the thoughts and beliefs (usually from childhood) that could be festering and fueling something unwanted in your life. 

It is Springtime, so why not do a deep Spring cleaning of your mind and heart?