How Following Your Joy Can Lead To Health And Wellness

Dr. Nikki Cohen

How Following Your Joy Can Lead To Health And Wellness


All too often you get stuck in life, confused as to what path to take or which choice is "right" for you. 

The constant back and forth in your mind can drive you crazy! 

So how do you know what's in your best and highest good? 


How To Know What's In Your Best and Highest Good

Many times, it can be confusing to decipher what is in your best and highest good. Most of the time, you've been taught to use your brain to figure out what choice to make. And if you're making a choice that requires a logical, rational decision-making process, then using your brain can work!

However, a lot of life isn't rational or logical. 

Sometimes, you're drawn to something for a reason you can't explain. 

For example, take your passion. Let's say you love cooking or painting. While you could explain to someone why you love it, there's still that inner feeling that draws you to it that you can't explain. 

It's an intuitive feeling. And intuition is often not logical. 


The Difference Between Intuition and Logic

When you use logic, you're using your brain. Your brain can be great at creating a pros and cons list or analyzing a situation. 

When you use intuition, you use your body. It's more of a feeling versus a logical explanation. When you use your intuition, something will feel "right" or "wrong". It will feel light and joyful versus heavy and daunting. 

When you're struggling with a dis-ease or chronic condition, it's great to see a doctor to get their opinion on the best treatment for your condition. And many times, the doctor's recommendation is based on evidence based studies and schooling. 

This is a wonderful opportunity to receive the logical, rational treatment protocols. 

On the other hand, the recommendations they provide may not feel right for you, regardless of how much it makes sense. 


How To Use Intuition To Make Choices For Your Health

The best way to use your intuition to make choices for your health is to ask your body, and feel its response. 

Your body has no ulterior motive. Your body simply wants balance and peace, while your mind will drive you insane with all of the back-and-forth, pros and cons, ad nauseum. 

There's no right choice for everybody. 

Some people are meant to create food, some are meant to create art, some are drawn to create and foster justice in the world... and some, like me, are meant to catalyze healing in the world. 

Kinesiologists and some chiropractors use muscle energy testing to help determine root causes of dis-eases as well as which treatment protocol agree best with your body and energy. 

Sometimes, having an outside practitioner to provide an objective perspective can be very helpful. 

And sometimes, this method of discernment can be done on your own! 


Here's how you can do it:

   * Take a moment and get quiet.

   * Notice your breathing (without changing it). 

   * Say "yes" out loud and feel the reaction in your body.

   * Say "no" out loud and feel the reaction in your body. 

   * Think of the choice you have to make and say aloud: "It is in my best and highest good to ________".

    * Feel your body's response.


It's that simple! 


In Conclusion

Your mind can play tricks on you, while your body knows what it/you need. So the next time you are stuck and feeling like you don't know what choice to make, simply ask your body! 

Get quiet, take a few breaths, and ask your body out loud. 

Learning to trust your body and your intuition can be a fantastic way to decipher what's in your best and highest good, whether you're dealing with a dis-ease, chronic condition, or simply a career move. 

You are stronger than you think, and while doctors and professionals may seem to have all the answers for you and your life, ultimately, YOU are the author of your own life.