Let's Talk About Sex, Baby


The hot topic this week in my practice was sex, so let's talk about sex, baby! 


One of the biggest misconceptions about sex is that it's supposed to be like it is in the movies - meaning, a woman goes crazy and climaxes with vaginal penetration. 


Well, I'm here to tell you that is typically NOT the case. 


Movies are made to make money, not to depict real life. If movies did depict real life, they'd probably not make much money!


So let's talk about the real money maker for a woman - the clitoris. 😵


The clitoris is THE source of sexual pleasure and orgasm. 


The clitoris is shaped like a wishbone. The top is external, right under your pubic bone. The arms of the wishbone wrap around the vaginal walls like two arms hugging the vagina.


Since the clitoris has "arms"  that hug the vagina, vaginal penetration feels good because the penetration stimulates and stretches those arms.


However, since the large majority of nerve endings is in the top/external portion, vaginal penetration is not THE source of ultimate pleasure and orgasm. 


The clitoris has about 8,000 nerve endings on the glans (top of the wishbone) alone! (It's WAY more sensitive than the head of a penis which has only about 4,000 nerve endings).


So, stimulating the top portion of the clitoris is really where it's at, and that's why most women do not have orgasms with sex alone.  


It's not that your partner isn't big enough, or that he isn't "enough" for you, it's just that your anatomy doesn't work the way a man's does. 


So, yes you're normal. 😌


No, it's not supposed to be like it is in the movies. 🙃


And yes, you should absolutely explore yourself down there to see what feels good to you, because not all women are created equal in that respect and you deserve to have sexual pleasure! 😉


So, on that note, I bid you adieu. 


Happy exploring!