Pain "Down There"


One of the biggest complaints amongst women is pelvic pain.


Yes, men have pelvic pain as well, but it's WAY more common in women than in men. 


Why is that? 


Well, one of the most obvious differences between men and women is that women bear and birth children, a "life event" that men just don't have!


Anytime you have a "life event", you have a higher chance of something happening in your body - whether it's an infection, muscle tension or emotional energy that gets embedded in the tissues. 


Another reason women tend to have more pelvic pain (and chronic pain in general including migraines), is that there's a real struggle between balancing home life, aka being a "mom" and having a job. 


In the traditional family in America, the woman tends to be the primary caregiver, sacrificing your career/job for the sake of caring for your children, and then trying to balance it all. 


Men tend to simply go back to their life/job with less impact in their lives. 


(Of course, this is a generalization and shout out to the men who stay home with their kids!) 


Nikki, the struggle is real and you are not alone! 


Women make up approximately 70% of chronic pain sufferers. 😳


So, what's a gal to do? 


First, know that you are perfect, whole and complete. 💛  There just may be something your body is dealing with behind the scenes. 


Second, understand there's a connection between your body and mind, and unprocessed emotions can get embedded in your body and contribute to chronic issues! 


Lastly, empower yourself with a team of people that can offer a multi-faceted approach to healing.