What is pleasure to you? 


Is it decadent chocolate cookies? 🍪

Snuggling with your love on the couch? 🛋

Smelling the fresh morning air? 🌤

Orgasm? 😃 😵 🤭


One can argue that the ultimate pleasure is an orgasm. 


In fact, studies show that regular orgasms can improve depression symptoms! 


Many women don't talk about orgasms because it's still considered "taboo" and/or "private" between you and your partner. (Yet, men have no problem talking about sex, orgasms or pleasuring themselves... 🧐)


Did you know that the word "'masturbate" comes from the Latin root meaning 'to defile with the hand'? How crazy is that? There's nothing about pleasuring yourself that is dirty!


Much of your happiness and well being in life comes from pleasure and orgasms are a powerful way to stimulate the pleasure centers in your brain. 


Learning what you like, what feels good to you, and giving yourself pleasure is not shameful - it's POWERFUL. 


You are the source of your power and your happiness in life, no one else. 


Give yourself permission to give yourself pleasure whether it's chocolate, sex with a partner or self pleasure. 


You deserve to be happy and feel powerful in your life, and you just may find that your mood improves, your pain decreases, and the sky is bluer. 😄


Play around with it (pun intended!) See what feels good to you. 


So the next time you're feeling down, seek out pleasure - the warm sun on your skin, the smell of coffee brewing, tasting a delicious meal, hearing birdsong, seeing a beautiful flower... or find pleasure in orgasm.


Take a few moments and relish it before jumping to the next thing to do to give your brain a moment to process the pleasure and send the feel good chemicals into your bloodstream. 


Because you deserve to feel good! (And you've got all the equipment to feel it).