Simple Posture Tips


Posture, posture, posture... you've been hearing about having "good posture" your whole life. 


You've been told to pull your shoulders back, tuck your butt under, and hold in your belly to be "upright". 


While this may "look good" (tall and thin), it's not what "good posture" is all about. 


Good posture is not about holding yourself up against gravity. 


That's a "fight" you'll NEVER win! (Gravity isn't going anywhere!)


Tensing your muscles to pull your shoulders back, tuck under your butt and pull your belly in will only create muscle tension throughout your body and could contribute to headaches, neck pain, shoulder pain, overactive bladder and digestive issues. 


So what do you do instead? 



Relax your shoulders, your belly and your jaw and let your bones be the structure that holds you up versus your muscles. 


When you're standing, let your body weight fall into your feet. 

If you have flat arches, consider an arch support to help your feet bear the weight of your body. This will take pressure off of your hip and core muscles and prevent unnecessary tightness from developing in those body parts.


When you're sitting, let your body weight fall into your pelvis. 

Sit on top of your sit bones to provide you with support versus sitting back on your butt cheeks. 


You'll notice that when you sit on top of the sit bones, you're naturally upright and don't have to pull your shoulders back! 


Positioning your bones in a way that supports your body is the best key to having good posture. 


And, ultimately, the best posture is the posture that keeps changing!


If you sit primarily during the day, take several breaks and walk for a minute or so to keep your blood flowing. 

If you stand primarily during the day, rock back and forth on your feet, go up onto your toes, and sway your hips to keep your blood flowing.


These little shifts in your posture can make a big difference in how your body works. ✨