The Power Of Community


What comes to mind when you think of community? 


Is it your neighborhood? Your co-workers? Your family? 

Does community empower you or scare you? 


As a self-proclaimed introvert, community has always been intimidating and could occur as overwhelming. 


And what I've come to see, is that community doesn't have to be any of those things... in fact, community can be a source of support, ideas and connection. 


When you're feeling stuck, it's all too easy to want to go into your "cave" and hide and try to figure it all out on your own. (Ahem - totally my motto!) 


But you weren't meant to navigate life alone. 

As a human being, you are designed to be with others - to share ideas, get inspiration, and get support. 


Whether it's a phone call to vent to a friend, asking a neighbor if they have extra chicken because you're craving chicken curry, or asking a friend to take your kiddos to school so you can attend a doctor's appointment, connection to another fulfills you, which is good for your body, soul and mind. 


It's taken me a long time to get this, and to be honest, I still struggle at times to remember that I don't have to navigate life on my own. 


People want to help you just like you want to help them. 


So when someone asks you, "What can I do to help?" BE HONEST! 


"Can you please bring in my trash bins for me?"

"Can you watch my kids for 2 hours so I can to physical therapy?" 

"Can you just listen to me while I vent and cry and not try to fix anything or give me advice?" 


These are all ways to tap into the potential power of community. 


As a woman, you get your strength and foundation from other women. Our modern society has trained you to do things all on your own, and if you don't you're weak. 




Creating a network of people creates a web that holds and supports you. 


You have gifts, knowledge and experience that is super valuable and you are meant to share them with the world. 


I'm passionate about educating women about their bodies and empowering you in your health. 


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 Sharing knowledge amongst your community allows others to expand their world while providing you and them with a sense of connection.


Feel free to share this blog post with your community so other women can also be empowered. ✨