TMJ and Your Pelvic Floor Tightness


There's a strong correlation between TMJ and pelvic floor tightness?


It's true!




Well, there can be many reasons, and one of the most common is stress.


Yup, good 'ol fashioned stress.


Stress can come in many flavors.


It can be regular daily stress like managing work and family, a job you don't like, rushing from meeting to meeting, worrying about a family member, or something bigger like a pregnancy, car accident, surgery, moving to a different house/state, a divorce, a new job, or a wedding to plan.


And when you get stressed, you likely don't have a sufficient outlet for the stress, so your body will stay "activated".


This constant "activation" can directly cause muscle tension, primarily in muscles that are related to bodily functions - your jaw (eating) and your pelvis (peeing and pooping). 


Your jaw muscles and your pelvic floor muscles are both connected to parts of the body that allow bodily functions to operate (versus your quads or your biceps which don't directly impact your organ function). 


These muscles have a relationship to your Autonomic Nervous System, the part of your Nervous System that control things you don't think about like digesting food and producing urine. 


So, when you have increased stress, it's likely you also have tight pelvic floor muscles and tight jaw muscles.


It's not your fault, it just happens automatically! 


But don't worry, there's something you can do about it! 


If you're having pelvic pain, bladder issues, digestive problems, and/or jaw pain, here's what you can do:


Every hour, relax your:

1. Jaw

2. Chest

3. Belly

4. Pelvic Floor (aka your vagina and/or butthole - yes I said butthole! 😁




Relaxing what I call the "4 Stations Of The Body" gives your 4 bodily cavities (your head, chest, belly and pelvis) a little break from being "on", allowing the muscles and nerves to take a momentary break. 


This can greatly improve digestion, bladder urgency/frequency, jaw pain and pelvic pain. 


So go ahead and set a timer on your phone to go off every hour, and every time your timer goes off, relax your 4 stations. 


You'll likely have less bladder frequency, less constipation, less neck pain, less jaw pain.


Life can be particularly stressful, and remember that your muscles may be impacted, causing an increase in your muscle tension. 


And that's OK, Jessica!


You totally got this. 


Every hour, take 15 seconds and relax your 4 stations. 


Your body will thank you. 💛