Transitions In Life And In The Body


As we transition from Spring to Summer, I can't help but think about transitions - in life and in the body.


Transitions in life can be uncomfortable as you break free from what's known into something you've not yet mastered. And yet... transitions are the way to grow!


Transitions in the body are when a body part connects to another body part. Now, while everything is connected, there are certain transition points that connect bigger things, like your head to your trunk and your legs to your pelvis.


In each of these transition points in the body, there is a "vulnerable" spot called a "triangle". 


The vulnerable spot in the head/neck is called the "scalene triangle" and is located between the throat and collarbone. The vulnerable spot in the pelvis/hip is called the "femoral triangle" and is located between your pubic bone and hip bone.


These triangles/vulnerable spots are often an access point to the deeper body, and connecting to these points can create a flow of changes that can help with all sorts of chronic issues from knee pain to digestive issues, bladder issues and headaches!  


Isn't it interesting that connecting to the vulnerable spots in the body is what can create the changes you want?


What if the changes you're seeking in life require you to access the vulnerable points inside of you as well?  


If you're in a transition in your life, and dealing with some annoying physical or emotional pains, maybe a good starting point is to get vulnerable. Get honest with yourself or another about your fears, your concerns - say what you're scared to say! 


Are you pregnant and preparing for the new life of mommyhood?

Are you transitioning to being a mom of 2 instead of 1?

Are you changing jobs?

Are you moving to a different city or state?


These are all transitions in life that could bring up some emotional and physical symptoms. 


And there's nothing wrong with that! You're a human being and having a body and emotions is part of the game. 🙃


So... here's something you can try when life gets overwhelming or the pain begins to escalate:


Place your hands on the transition points in your body - one hand over your collarbone and your other hand on your groin. 


Connect to these body parts as an access to connecting to your vulnerability. 


Breathe normally and close your eyes. 


See what comes to you - it could be anything from colors and/or shapes swirling behind your closed eyelids, body sensations of pain or tingling, or simply nothing at all. 


Just the act of connecting can give you access to seeing something in a whole new way! 


As you transition and change from one state to another, whether literally or figuratively, allow yourself to get vulnerable. It could be the access point to transitioning with ease and even heal transitions from the past that were difficult. 


I'm right here with you.