A True Story of Visceral Manipulation & Grief Held In The Lungs

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Dr. Nikki here, with a true story that may just change the way you feel about your body, forever.

Recently, an incredible woman came into my office as a patient for the very first time. Unsure of what to expect from her appointment, she shared her story:

The pain in her lower abdomen had been with her for over 10 years. It came and went, but never truly went away.

In the past she had seen a Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist for a couple of visits, but it hadn't helped as much as she hoped, so she stopped going, resigned to the pain that was obstructing her life. 

Then a friend told her about a healing body process called Visceral Manipulation and shared how it may be the missing piece to healing her pain puzzle.

Shortly there after, thanks to the magic of Google (sometimes, it's pretty great!) she found the very website you're on now and setup an appointment. 

And during that appointment we spent almost 3 hours together!

In that time she shared not just her medical history, but her emotional history.
This can be an essential piece your your puzzle, too. How you feel about your childhood, your marriage, your contribution to this world — it all counts.

And so, after releasing so many emotions into the room simply by being heard, by the time she got on the physical therapy table, she started to giggle and exclaimed, "I already feel better and you haven't even touched me yet!"

That's not the first time that's happened...

You see, acknowledging and really hearing you is crucial to healing your body.
Your body is not separate from the woman who inhabits it.

Back to the story.
She closed her eyes, and I went to work. 

During her session, I spent a lot of time on her chest area, mainly around her lungs. Until at one point her eyes bolted open at one point as she relayed a memory, "You know, I had chronic bronchitis for about 10 years of my childhood. It didn't start to go away until around college."
In proceeding I said nothing, but nodded in acknowledgment to her words.

She closed her eyes again and within minutes, began to cry. 

And with acceptance and grace, I allowed her to cry in that I did not make her wrong for crying, even when she apologized for her tears over and over again.

Instead of judgement or hurry to "fix" her sadness, I simply let her be with her emotions and continued doing my work. 

The time came for the session to end. Encouraged that there was no rush to reawakening to the world or coming off the table, she took some much needed time for herself. And when she was ready to open the door, I came back in and returned to her.

She was a a bit dazed. Smiling as she spoke, "I haven't cried like that in years. I don't know why or how, but those tears came up from somewhere deep inside of me that I didn't know existed — or maybe I knew it existed but I forgot. I feel like a completely different person than when I walked in here. For the first time in so long, the first thought I had upon sitting down on this chair was not about my pelvis."

Then she proceeded to share stories of sadness and loss from her life. Stories of grief.

The conversation continued for another half hour or so, then we hugged and went our separate ways, both of us with smiles on our faces.

As is true in so many cases, unprocessed grief can be held in the lungs

And when the lungs are not fully clear and functioning optimally, the pelvis cannot function optimally.

In many ways, your lungs and your pelvis balance each other out with their internal pressure systems.

In situations like this, a tool such as Visceral Manipulation gives access to working with parts of the body that were once considered insignificant regarding pain and physical therapy modalities.

The healing that can happen with Visceral Manipulation is truly magical. 

Visceral Manipulation is changing the way dysfunction in the body is viewed, because its fundamental tenet is the interconnectedness of all things, mainly the inner world of the body. The world inside of you.