Ready To Let Go? When Something Isn't Ready For The Takin

Ready To Let Go? When Something Isn't Ready For The Takin


You look out the window and see the trees beginning to turn from their summer green to a blaze of red, orange, and yellow. The days are getting shorter, the air crisper, and you know fall is here. With it comes a feeling of nature's melancholy - many things in life that were alive and thriving will soon die or go dormant.


But what about in your own life? What about the things you've been working on all year, hoping to reap the fruits of your labor, only to find they're not quite ready yet?


As the season changes and we approach winter, what should you do when something isn't ready for the taking but is slowly dying on the vine? Read on for some reflective thoughts about how to handle this feeling.


Reflection On Fall & Winter:


We've all heard the metaphor about harvesting crops in life - it applies to many things. We work on something for some time, hoping to reap the rewards and that it will reach its fullest expression. But sometimes, for whatever reason, it doesn't reach full maturity and is left dormant instead.


This happens all the time in nature - think of the trees that come to life in spring, bearing fruit and foliage throughout summer, only to go dormant in autumn. Even though something is dormant, it doesn't mean it's dead or gone forever! In many cases, like with plants, they're simply biding their time until winter passes, and spring brings them back to life.


Dormant vs. dying on the vine:


When something isn't ready to harvest in life, it can feel like it's dying on the vine. A job you don't want to do anymore, a project you've been working on and would love to finish but just haven't had time or energy for... there are so many things we can't bring to fruition just yet.


And that's ok! Don't beat yourself up because something didn't reach its full potential - the cycle of nature teaches us that nothing is ever truly gone and will certainly come back around. So before you say goodbye completely, try taking a step back and reflecting on why it didn't fully bloom.


Ready To Die?


When something isn't ready to harvest, it's ok to let it go. Life is full of cycles, and if you can understand them, you can learn how to make the necessary adjustments in your own life.


What is 'it' for you?


Is it time to say goodbye to a job that no longer serves you? Is it time to begin your journey of finally taking care of yourself? Or is it time to start the project that's been in the back of your mind for years?


Whatever 'it' is, sometimes it's ok to let go and allow something to die on the vine. By allowing yourself some time to pause, you can return to it with a rested, rejuvenated version of yourself in a few months.


Taking care of yourself:


It can be hard to let go when something isn't ready for the taking. But sometimes, we just need time away from something to come back and make a fresh start. Taking care of yourself is always the most important thing you can do - resting, getting out into nature, or simply spending some time with your thoughts.


It's ok not to rush things and to take a step back from something that isn't ready yet. That way, you'll have newfound energy and clarity when you return to it.


Connect to your Inner Wisdom:


When we don't harvest something, there's usually a reason. It might be that we need to take some time away from it or pay more attention to other matters in our life.


Take the time to connect with your inner wisdom and ask yourself what is best for you. Are there any adjustments you can make to bring about the desired outcome? Listen to your body rather than your mind, as it is more intuitive and connected to the infinite well of intelligence within you.


Tuning into your body:


It's not always easy, but try to pay attention to the signals your body is giving you. If you feel sluggish or heavy in certain areas, it may tell you that something needs to change. Perhaps a project or relationship needs to be let go of so that other possibilities can come in.

Asking what is best for you:

Take the time to contemplate what is best for you in a situation. Listen deeply to your heart and notice the thoughts, feelings, and sensations that arise when you ask yourself this question. Trust in yourself and allow whatever comes up to be expressed freely.


Listening to your body rather than the mind:


Your body is incredibly wise. It knows what's best for you better than your mind does. Instead of relying on logic and analytical thinking, take a step back and connect with the energy of the situation. Ask yourself what feels best in each moment, not just what makes sense logically.


Trusting the infinite well of intelligence in your body:


Your body holds so much wisdom and is connected to the source of all knowledge. When you trust in yourself and allow your intuition to lead the way, you can access an infinite well of intelligence that can guide you safely along your path. Allow this inner guidance to show you what needs to be released or created for growth and transformation.




Ready to die? It’s a question that we must all ask ourselves. When life presents changes and challenges, it can be tempting to ignore them or suppress feelings of discomfort. Trust that you have all of the answers within you, and allow yourself to be guided by your body's infinite well of intelligence.


Embrace the changes, and don’t forget to take care of yourself in the process! When you are ready to die, you will find peace in your journey. So breathe deep, trust yourself and remember that it's okay to want something new. Let nature take its course - knowing that whatever comes next is just part of the cycle of life.


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