I recently watched a documentary on How Cats Think, and there was a short section about the history of cats and the role they've played in society.


While cats can be hilarious and adorable, cats also serve logical purposes like keeping rodents away from the house. 


Yet... it's the mysteriousness of the cat that has intrigued humans for centuries, and has created a superstition around them.


The most well known superstition of the cat is related to the witch, and the witch was simply a derogatory term for an intelligent woman who was in tune with nature, knew the power of her words, and used her power in her life. 


Now, with great power not only comes great responsibility, but also great fear, especially from others that don't understand it. (Ahem, fearful men who don't want others to have power so you can be controlled).  


And of course anyone with power can misuse it, hence the "good witch" versus the "bad witch".


Think of the Wizard of Oz - the Good Witch had Dorothy's best intention and used her power to fulfill Dorothy's wishes, while the Wicked Witch was fueled by anger and jealousy and used her power for her own selfish intentions. 


There is always a choice, and you have the choice for how you use your power. 


 Sometimes, you're fearful of your own power, because you've never really had a chance to develop and foster it. 


And sometimes, you're completely oblivious to the real power within you. 


Either way, you are powerful!  


Part of your "witchy" power is your ability to manifest! To begin to tap into this power, start by imagining what you want, then speak it into existence. Speak it like it's already here!


The power of your words, said with confidence, will create a shift in the Universe to make your wishes come true. 🪄