Your Pelvic Floor

Your Pelvic Floor


Have you ever looked at yourself "down there"? 😳 


If you're like the majority of women I've seen in my practice, the answer is most likely "NO!"


Why is that?


Why is it not acceptable to check yourself out "down there"? Why is it so taboo to look, let alone touch, your own body?


When did your pelvis become "private"? 


Now, I'm not saying you should get naked and flaunt your vagina to the world, but to have a negative relationship to your own body parts or feel ashamed or guilty for something you you were born with is just crazy! (at least in my mind)


Being educated about your body is essential to feeling empowered in your body - and life! 


So to get you started, here's the basics:



Your pelvis is a bowl - a bowl that houses your 3 main organs:

Bladder (for pee)

Uterus (for babies)

Rectum (for poop and farts)


Your bladder is in the front of the bowl and has an exit to the outside, called the urethra, to allow the pee that's stored in the bladder to leave your body.


Your uterus is in the middle of the bowl and creates a lovely home for a little human to grow. The uterus also has its own exit to the outside world called your vagina


Your rectum is in the back of the bowl and is temporary storage for poop. The rectum also has it's own exit to the world called your anus (or butthole if you wanna be real!) 


Your pelvic floor muscles also live inside of your pelvis and are not an organ, but a network of muscles that support your pelvic bowl and pelvic organs and help things like pee, babies and poop stay in (waiting for the bathroom in the long line) or be let out (it's time to pee!) 


Simple. Anatomical. Nothing to be scared or ashamed of. Part of being a woman. 


Now, you can't see any of these body parts since they are inside of you... however, these body parts are deeply connected to your feelings and beliefs about what they represent. 


If you're scared and ashamed of your beautiful female body, it's likely one or several of these body parts could become problematic, creating things like pain with sex, constipation, difficulty peeing, and/or a general sense of feeling uncertain and anxious in life. 


So ask yourself, Ali, what is there to be embarrassed or ashamed about regarding what society has deemed your "private parts", when these parts of you allow you to eliminate what no longer serves you (pee and poop) and create a human life?


Your pelvis is an amazing part of you who are. 


And at the end of the day, it's simply anatomy. Just like the nose on your face. 


You can start to empower your life by connecting to your body in a loving way. 


Start by placing a hand on your pelvis and saying "Thank you". 


Think of all the things your pelvis does for you and instead of being grossed out by it, send it love and gratitude. 


And while you're at it, thank yourself for being so awesome as well.